Non Corp

March 27, 2018 Vidale Barsir

Non Corp

I refuse to conform to the patriarchal norms of corporate spaces.

I walk in this office every morning — fitted trousers or skinny jeans when I’m feeling tangy. As a matter of fact, it’s FITTED EVERYTHING on this side of the curtain. No undershirt necessary. Drowning in an appropriate amount of finessed collarbone, this hair is most likely in a messy top-knot or swung over to the left; y’all know I love to give kinky coiled Kelly Kapowski tease.. The look, finished with a chic motherland printed African Lapa fabric, exquisitely draped, showcasing no fewer than a 3 gradient fold. My leather accessories — all European.

Beyonce blasting through my matte black Beats by Dre.

My sunglasses stay on from car door to cubicle.

Dockers fuh whet?!

I’m never “late” to a meeting, but I time my arrival so I’m last; because, well, who doesn’t love a grand finale?!

From what I’ve been told, I’m hard to miss. I guess I prefer it that way.



ps: Live out loud!

Vidale Barsir
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Vidale Barsir

Vidale Barsir

I’m just a mere bloke on a journey. Armed with only my words and truths, this world, I shall change for the better. A writer, actor, artist, and observer, I was born in this incarnation with the purpose of storytelling and blessed by the ability to share.
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