Foolish Magic

According to lore, the Fool represents the optimism and courage one MUST rely on an effort to embark on a new journey. The first page of your next chapter is the time in which we are all given the grace to take the lessons of our pasts, the challenges we’ve championed, and textile these experiences into to […]


The stillness of your stare could lessen a million mountains to crumbled bedrock. Infamous by now, the wisp of your presence as you saunter into a room could make even silk textures envy. Poets of man designate ‘sensual’ as your most appropriate adjective. Who can blame them? You reward time with a soul so illuminated […]

Once Upon a Time in Dundas West

Distractions tend to fail shy of disrupting my infatuation. Your face I can’t forget, forever ingrained in my consciousness. The way I felt that night, that morning, indescribable. As a young boy, I oft misplaced my house keys. What kind of man am I to have misplaced my house? You feel like home to me. […]

For You, I Prose like Shakespeare and Sh*t

Alas, my muse! Many lives have I awaited your return. Without surprise, such countless days were starting to become a bore. Time, now just halted injustice captured by delayed damnation. The cruel isolation of despair; the cruel despair of isolation. A fool’s gamble it would be to refute the mundane aura present in these lifeless […]