February 11, 2019 Vidale Barsir

Foolish Magic

According to lore, the Fool represents the optimism and courage one MUST rely on an effort to embark on a new journey. The first page of your next chapter is the time in which we are all given the grace to take the lessons of our pasts, the challenges we’ve championed, and textile these experiences into to a fabric that swaddles metamorphosis.

The true secret to life is realizing every day is your birthday.

The Magician represents the evolution of the just man. The journey of life is meant to shake our foundations and break us to our core. With growth and faith, the blessing of healing is how you rebuild as your best self, how you connect to the spirit within. The Magician is the survivor and alchemist able to withstand everything.

Launching this blog has been my pet project since 2014. At the time I knew I wanted to create a space I felt was all mine, but I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t have anything to say. Life brought many hiccups, setbacks, and Depression. I lacked the fuel of awareness to grow through my struggles, and until I found that, I would never become the individual I was purposed to be.

Each of us speaks through the conscious perspective of our lives. Your unconscious messaging becomes a lens reflecting the light you allow to heal your heart. If just one person can understand you and identify with your soul message, you’ve created illumination.

That’s what God sent us here to do.

VidaleBarsir.com is a labor of love. It’s my baby and life’s work.

Let the games begin…

Vidale Barsir
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Vidale Barsir

Vidale Barsir

I’m just a mere bloke on a journey. Armed with only my words and truths, this world, I shall change for the better. A writer, actor, artist, and observer, I was born in this incarnation with the purpose of storytelling and blessed by the ability to share.
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