Pieces of Me

February 13, 2019 Vidale Barsir

Pieces of Me

We all want to know who we are, right? Well in my experience too many prefer to know how they present, what others think, and how to then edify themselves for high ranking. I know it all too well because I myself have lived that life.

…And all of Y’all were my nosy neighbors.

If I had to describe myself in one word, it’d be Minestrone, ‘cause I’m hot and yummy. In all seriousness, I embrace the many sides of my personality, of who I am. When I realized it was safe to find and be that person, was the first time I found freedom.

Sure, I’m cute and all, but there was much thought and sensitivity behind the imagery selected for my site. For one to influence real and tangible connectivity in the world, he must embrace an ability to be himself and to shine as a whole. Whole, as in different pieces of me put together to make One.


He is in his own skin. He’s comfortable and enjoys the light. Kind natured, curious, humble, and thoughtful. This is the one that all other selves have been filtered through. This one is the ring leader, more like the babysitter. This is the one who was taking notes in therapy. But it all paid off in the end… He asks questions. He finds his own answers.

This is the guy that’s learned to endure. He’s the survivor. This is the one who has carried the faults. There’s a beauty in the sorrow, as you can see his eyes are ever in expectancy of the infinite. Believe it or not, this is the one closest to God. He’s had the most saving. The cruel others once considered friends have been defeated by this one. He is valiant in the darkness. There is romance in his pain.

Marvel at his peace. He is the manifested one who arose from the darkest ashes, of all that crumbled, the leaves since withered. He’s learned how to fly. He is his own savior. This is the self who understands he has a part in the world. He believes in healing those he connects with. He enjoys a pure and honest path in life and wants only to wish good to other people. He’s is with harmony.

This is the kid like version of me. He is creative and sees life as his playground, the world as his film. He is the most creative simply because he’s the one that thinks outside the box. He’s quick, slick, saucy, and boisterous. He’s gauche… A little mischievous if ya nasty, playful, fun, and still caring and good natured. He’s the one everyone falls in love with. He’s the baby brother. A charmer!

This work of art happens to be the seat of power. This gentleman is an artist impassioned to make noise! He is the product of suppressed greatness and a will for risk. He feels the blood in his veins as words dance through his fingers. He is the writer. He is the magician. He is an honorable man. He has a burning desire for life had not witnessed. Get out of his way.

Vidale Barsir
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Vidale Barsir

Vidale Barsir

I’m just a mere bloke on a journey. Armed with only my words and truths, this world, I shall change for the better. A writer, actor, artist, and observer, I was born in this incarnation with the purpose of storytelling and blessed by the ability to share.
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