There’s Something About Megan

January 8, 2020 Vidale Barsir

There’s Something About Megan

God gifts us with a companion in the most difficult storms when we least expect it. 

I thought a lot about my dear friend, Meg, as I meditated the New Year in. She came into my life just before everything in it fell apart. At that time, she and I were on different paths, yet equally confounded by the tension and misery of our childhood traumas—two 20-somethings, hopelessly trying to define our place within the world; needing not to bind ourselves to the needs of others before our own. 

Together, the more we grew, the closer we became, and the further up the ladder towards our seats at God’s table, we climbed.

Next to my Mom, Megan is one of the strongest, most profound women I’ve ever met. If I could care for others the way she does; with her entire being, mind body and soul, compassionately committed to the people in her life—Enlightenment would be the rightful pinnacle to ascend. She makes it, giving love, look easy! 

Forever my sister, in 2018 is when the route we walked divided. She went left and I went right, but the bond never weakened. Real love doesn’t require physical closeness, just honesty. We had supported one another enough. The time was nigh that we each embarked on our respective missions in solitude. 

As I start this year, more empowered than ever before, a blessed reality I’ve since acquired is, Evolution isn’t fun if the homies ain’t got none! And my loving, thoughtful, selfless, dynamic, beautiful sister is having just as much “fun” as I! She’s fulfilled in a career that impacts the lives of young women, and no longer slaving away as the backbone of fine dining establishments. She lives a life of purpose.  She’s learned to set boundaries, affirm her value, and she knows her worth and presence. 

… and She’s engaged. 

Forever my Naples, Florida girl, I wrote to her about waves:

I can’t wait to speak to you about waves… 

Guru Goenkaji left the most profound theory of water waves on me. His teaching is, waves represent the patterns of our deepened layers of misery. When one finds stillness and the ability to be aware of their journey and is able to find the truth in their pain, they peacefully allow their subconscious misery to lift to the surface. The tender waves are the outcome of the sea’s inner aggression.

We can be like the waves. In this way, there is beauty in our pain and no reason to avoid it, rather face it in an effort to liberate ourselves. And once the pain loses its hold, we’re lighter—we’re freer! Because our own baggage, the good and the bad, is nothing to run away from. It is part of me, so I can heal it. It gives one authority over their own liberation. 

When you and I first met, we were roaring tsunamis of our respective struggles. Survivors—agitated to the core—and now we’re just two WAVY MFs!

I love your growth, Beautiful!

I miss you. 

#2020 is ours.


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