What is Love?

Love is a realm of the individual soul being first that can only manifest into a deeper experience shared with another after. 

When confounded by any codependent desire for the Love of another, overlooked is the dowry of inner balance secured through the existential inevitability of outer imbalance, and vice versa. 

The mutiny between desperation and attachment parlays itself deep in our emotions, weeding the rich green garden of the heart colorless. At this level, the emotional weight of personal want transfigures into a fear of not finding and/or never having. 

Recognizing Love as impalpable yet tangible, especially, as the echo of hopelessness is rung loudest in our emptiest moments can strengthen the Heart, creating a trine between our Root and Third Eye Chakras. Here, deep cultivation of inner connectedness to higher awareness is the only path to actualizing future Love in the fullness of moments yet to come. 

As I have longed for a lifetime of lifetimes with a person who sees me, if only I understood this confusing game; a game that rewards those who embody Love in its absence, even when it doesn’t feel like there’s anything to embody Love about.

Without sensual reconditioning, liberation through the unconditionality of Love is rendered unachievable.

Until he who is in search of is able to shatter his illusions of lack, Love will continue to evade as an externally haveable, yet ever-fleeting object. 

What is Love?

Love is Aconditional.


Vidale Barsir
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