The Silent Tea Party

His was the only other bright Orange hat worn at the retreat, high in the mountains of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, over the Christmas/New Year holiday, in December of 2019.  Whenever I’d find myself face-planted at the root of an icy log, I’d hurry back to my feet in frigid recollection of my temperature-sensitive senses and […]

Power to the People

The time is nigh we, as a society, re-imagine the path forward.  If we remain clueless, divided not on our beliefs but on what Truth is, we will not make it any further. NO longer can we gamble precious grace in slumber, contemporaneously idle and content within the confines of a nation that’s been breached […]

Little Tulsa

It’s no secret, Buddha is my Prince. But it’s fair to assume Tulsa is my Baby.  Named after the city in Oklahoma which hosted my birth; Tulsa is the runt of his litter, and the last pup adopted due to a pair of bumps above his nose which left previous potential parents nervous of future […]


In striving to live a life of balance, intent defines the virtue of our desires. Yet, I believe that in standing up to those who mean us harm, when we do so with love, without malice, and certainly without need, nor expectation; when we do it for ourselves, we create our own freedom(s).  We can […]


What is Love? Love is a realm of the individual soul being first that can only manifest into a deeper experience shared with another after.  When confounded by any codependent desire for the Love of another, overlooked is the dowry of inner balance secured through the existential inevitability of outer imbalance, and vice versa.  The […]

The Sun is Black

Truth is Black. Rhythm is Black. Soul is Black.  It’s all Black.   Freshness is Black.  Excellence is Black. Culture is Black. It’s all Black. The Root is Black. Sisters are Black. Brothers are Black.  We all Black. Hair is Black.  Blood is Black. Divinity is Black. I’m all Black. Wounds are Black.  Pain is […]

My White Friend

There I stood. We moved but I stood, and I stood a little more, at the intersection of 9th and U street on that bustling Friday night in June. My White friend had just called a Black man a “ni**er”.  My White friend then accompanied insult with injury, tossing in “Sorry, Girl” as a friendly […]

Today, I Wrote My Rapist

  Today, I wrote my rapist. This afternoon, while slurping down the most delicious, and socially distant, piping hot bowl of Fufu and pepper soup—a squeeze of lime over the top is what tickles his majesty most; nonetheless, I felt an urge to address all the low energy issues I had lingering around from the […]

The Birthday Card

  In 2014 I had reached my breaking point. I could no longer ignore my debilitating bouts of depression, self-disillusion, nor the reality that I was thoroughly unhappy. I had wonderful friends, but at that time, I surrounded myself with toxic foes. I went out 12 nights a week, fully consumed with partying and drama. […]

Dear Momma!

“MOMMA MADE MIRACLES EVERY THANKSGIVING” —Tupac I’m a short 24 hours and 45 minutes shy of my 32nd birthday and it dawned on me, that I don’t tell you this often; but you are my greatest inspiration. Watching you heal, grow, and evolve each day has been my truest joy. I’m not yet married nor […]

The Truth About Balance

Balance is that thing we all face mass difficulty with. No matter how together it may look from the outside, a healthy balance of mind, emotion, heart, and grace is no easier to spot than the Blair Witch. There’s no template to it. The number one rule, here, in Fight Club, is – You have […]


Know to leave the table when your time is being wasted and Love is not being served. …And never settle for 20% when you deserve 100%-110%. When a person truly desires a genuine chance at a romantic connection with you, no amount of fear will get in the way of that. When a person truly […]

Always Steven

I’m sure if asked to think back to the first time one met their best friend, most people would ascribe fond memories of sleep-away camp or junior high school. That moment when you just knew you had met a someone who spoke your language, a someone who’s mere presence resonated deep within your heart; the […]