The Truth About Balance

Balance is that thing we all face mass difficulty with. No matter how together it may look from the outside, a healthy balance of mind, emotion, heart, and grace is no easier to spot than the Blair Witch. There’s no template to it. The number one rule, here, in Fight Club, is – You have […]


Know to leave the table when your time is being wasted and Love is not being served. …And never settle for 20% when you deserve 100%-110%. When a person truly desires a genuine chance at a romantic connection with you, no amount of fear will get in the way of that. When a person truly […]

9, Lines.

Far, you stand. I wait, then sit. Lips too shy, too tame to wish. Harsh, this wait. Blind love, fast fix. Closed, our eyes too wide to miss. Share told lies. Once true, now myth. Bare, the stains. To God, I give. Spare your words, if words exist. Yours, am I. In me, we live.

The Wrong Things

Sweet punishment’s weakened blow, the moment our wrong things met. It was the wrong time, and still a time I dreamt of saying all the wrong things to you. Tempers frenzy with emotion over what not to do, in all the wrong places, I’d run into you. A trapped me, drifting amidst the stargaze of […]

Pieces of Me

We all want to know who we are, right? Well in my experience too many prefer to know how they present, what others think, and how to then edify themselves for high ranking. I know it all too well because I myself have lived that life. …And all of Y’all were my nosy neighbors. If I had […]

Foolish Magic

According to lore, the Fool represents the optimism and courage one MUST rely on an effort to embark on a new journey. The first page of your next chapter is the time in which we are all given the grace to take the lessons of our pasts, the challenges we’ve championed, and textile these experiences into to […]


The stillness of your stare could lessen a million mountains to crumbled bedrock. Infamous by now, the wisp of your presence as you saunter into a room could make even silk textures envy. Poets of man designate ‘sensual’ as your most appropriate adjective. Who can blame them? You reward time with a soul so illuminated […]

Once Upon a Time in Dundas West

Distractions tend to fail shy of disrupting my infatuation. Your face I can’t forget, forever ingrained in my consciousness. The way I felt that night, that morning, indescribable. As a young boy, I oft misplaced my house keys. What kind of man am I to have misplaced my house? You feel like home to me. […]

For You, I Prose like Shakespeare and Sh*t

Alas, my muse! Many lives have I awaited your return. Without surprise, such countless days were starting to become a bore. Time, now just halted injustice captured by delayed damnation. The cruel isolation of despair; the cruel despair of isolation. A fool’s gamble it would be to refute the mundane aura present in these lifeless […]

Denise, God, Anita + Me

It’s funny how multi-dimensional memories can be. One can relive a time in their life and see that entire scene as vivid as the day it all took place. The best memories draw you back to the sounds and visuals of a moment, the way something tasted, how you felt about it, what was said, […]


Personal gratification is having found the courage to detach from a self constructed by a deeply broken man. In the 30+ years I spent under construction I was weighed down by a necessity for the concession and favorable appraisal of other people, other broken people. I didn’t know the first thing about loving, nor finding myself […]

Non Corp

I refuse to conform to the patriarchal norms of corporate spaces. I walk in this office every morning — fitted trousers or skinny jeans when I’m feeling tangy. As a matter of fact, it’s FITTED EVERYTHING on this side of the curtain. No undershirt necessary. Drowning in an appropriate amount of finessed collarbone, this hair […]

High H8rz

I’m always genuinely surprised when a new hater pops up in my life. Like, I legitimately enjoy licking the excess mayonnaise off the side of a Subway Sandwich, still believe in the tooth fairy and have yet to get over my childhood crush on Erik Von Detten. If you’re letting a guy like me disrupt […]