In striving to live a life of balance, intent defines the virtue of our desires. Yet, I believe that in standing up to those who mean us harm, when we do so with love, without malice, and certainly without need, nor expectation; when we do it for ourselves, we create our own freedom(s). 

We can all agree, Life presents its share of villains. Because such is fact, one must release every lopsided notion of blind acceptance when it comes to handling a Bully.

Donald Trump’s overall dismantling of our somewhat decent society cloaked in his exceptional ability to Jackass the truth helped make 2016 an unforgettable time for me. The relationship I was in then, the person I was, the friends I had at that time all began to shift in a direction I hadn’t realized would require grit and night cream.

Violently raped by my Boyfriend on the morning after Mary Trump’s Uncle became the President-elect of these United somethings of America, trust me when I wax: 

Nobody is happier to see 45’s reign end than this fine sack of West African Beauty over here. . .

In 2020, after a lackluster investigation by DCPD, I painted enough courage to tell my story as a survivor of sexual assault when I wrote an essay about the rape for my website. Marrying courage with self-respect, my 3-year search for soul acceptance helped secure the strength I needed to express a truth I once worried was too ugly to be revealed. In doing so, I healed a wound ill-sensed as too hollow to fill. 

I wrote about the rape and then I wrote to my rapist. After that, I wrote to his Father and Stepmother, and I wrote to his employer. His attorney wrote to me threatening legal action. As a result, I wrote this. 

I wrote a lot in 2020. . . 

In 2021, Donald Trump and what happened to me on the morning after his election win will be nothing more than a distant memory. 

I’ll be ready. I’ll be writing.

As for my ex, there are two things he’ll NEVER stop:

  1. Being a Coward
  2. My Truth


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In striving to live a life of balance, intent defines the virtue of our desires. Yet, I believe that in standing up to those who

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