Once Upon a Time in Dundas West

Distractions tend to fail shy of disrupting my infatuation. Your face I can’t forget, forever ingrained in my consciousness. The way I felt that night, that morning, indescribable. As a young boy, I oft misplaced my house keys. What kind of man am I to have misplaced my house? You feel like home to me. But unlike the cozy fireplace of my imagination, your embrace favors absence over indulgence when all I want is overindulgence. All is fair in love and war but cruel and unbalanced in love and separation. I struggle to honor false equity in this experience. I will not because I willed not. I’m incapable. Who am I to honor a pain camouflaged as the wait? Such accuracy when sending an angel’s arrow to impale my heart, yet such mischief as you dance around my soul. I want to dance too. For I treasure the song of you.

Such suffering lingers without justice as we exist separately, yet my lips long for yours as though they grew up together — sharing one soda pop as we walk home from school. My Valentine’s Day card bears one name on its envelope. Your name. Our hands clasp in perfect form as if our bodies were one puzzle, twenty fingers it’s divine corner piece. You’ve always been my other piece — my inner peace.

You were so close to me once upon a time in Dundas West.

Come closer

Vidale Barsir
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