January 8, 2020

There’s Something About Megan

God gifts us with a companion in the most difficult storms when we least expect it.  I thought a lot about my dear friend, Meg, as I meditated the New Year in. She came into my life just before everything in it fell apart. At that time, she and I
December 31, 2019

The Birthday Card

  In 2014 I had reached my breaking point. I could no longer ignore my debilitating bouts of depression, self-disillusion, nor the reality that I was thoroughly unhappy. I had wonderful friends, but at that time, I surrounded myself with toxic foes. I went out 12 nights a week, fully
December 30, 2019

Dear Momma!

“MOMMA MADE MIRACLES EVERY THANKSGIVING” —Tupac I’m a short 24 hours and 45 minutes shy of my 32nd birthday and it dawned on me, that I don’t tell you this often; but you are my greatest inspiration. Watching you heal, grow, and evolve each day has been my truest joy.
July 2, 2019

The Truth About Balance

Balance is that thing we all face mass difficulty with. No matter how together it may look from the outside, a healthy balance of mind, emotion, heart, and grace is no easier to spot than the Blair Witch. There’s no template to it. The number one rule, here, in Fight
June 27, 2019


Know to leave the table when your time is being wasted and Love is not being served. …And never settle for 20% when you deserve 100%-110%. When a person truly desires a genuine chance at a romantic connection with you, no amount of fear will get in the way of
June 27, 2019

Something Special Happened

  [First of all, I didn’t even ask for permission to use these pictures but happiness…] Frank and Alyssa are engaged! YOU GUYS! … Love is winning right in front of our very eyes [via Facebook post and some IG love…] Okay, sorry, I’m rambling, let’s start from the very
April 24, 2019

Always Steven

I’m sure if asked to think back to the first time one met their best friend, most people would ascribe fond memories of sleep-away camp or junior high school. That moment when you just knew you had met a someone who spoke your language, a someone who’s mere presence resonated
April 23, 2019

The Keegan Show.

What can I say about Keegan, well, let’s start with what can I say about myself? I was really insecure when I was younger, so, like, all through high school I wore a façade, and I’m not even sure that it was a good one. I was, like, really funny,
April 22, 2019

2019 Portfolio

Click to check out my 2019 Portfolio and Resume!    Vidale Barsir 2019 Portfolio          
April 7, 2019

9, Lines.

Far, you stand. I wait, then sit. Lips too shy, too tame to wish. Harsh, this wait. Blind love, fast fix. Closed, our eyes too wide to miss. Share told lies. Once true, now myth. Bare, the stains. To God, I give. Spare your words, if words exist. Yours, am
March 7, 2019

My Sister’s Sisters Are My Sisters

Ramani’s sisters have always excited my soul’s palate, each having a unique and distinctive sense of self yet authentic and alive in ways unlike the next. I grew up during the 90s, in the era of Girl Power. For the first time, female individuality was celebrated and the zeitgeist of
February 18, 2019

The Wrong Things

Sweet punishment’s weakened blow, the moment our wrong things met. It was the wrong time, and still a time I dreamt of saying all the wrong things to you. Tempers frenzy with emotion over what not to do, in all the wrong places, I’d run into you. A trapped me,

“Now keep in mind that I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my sh*t.” – Erykah Badu

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